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WE GALLERY - Visual Art Institute

WE GALLERY, also known as “Viseh Negar Sarzamin Honar,” is an art institute founded by Ms. Niousha Niyuzhpour (Masoumeh) and Ms. Shadi Davari Iraqi-Zadeh (Zahra). Ms. Niousha Niyuzhpour holds a Master’s degree in Painting and is an active artist in the field of visual arts. She is also a continuous member of the Iranian Painters Association, serving as the Executive Director and Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Ms. Shadi Davari Iraqi-Zadeh holds a doctorate in Comparative-Analytical History of Islamic Arts and is an active artist in the field of visual arts. She is also a continuous member of the Iranian Painters Association, serving as the Institute Manager and CEO.
we gallery

WE GALLERY operates under the official permission and authorization from the General Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The institute focuses on various activities in the field of visual arts, including establishing art exhibitions and galleries. It organizes festivals, conferences, seminars, art gatherings, and specialized workshops in the field of visual arts. The institute also arranges art tours and camps. In addition, it houses a permanent exhibition showcasing personal artworks. The institute encompasses a museum, gallery, workshop, and studio.

By referring to the news section, you can view the documentation.
  • We Gallery started its professional activities in Bahman month of 1399 (January/February 2021) by holding two successful events in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 at the Arta Design Gallery complex.The “Legend of the Cow” exhibition showcased 30 paintings, 23 sculptures, and one art video with the participation of 40 artists.
  • The “Invitation” exhibition featured 59 paintings and 11 sculptures with the participation of 43 artists.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in Esfand month of 1399 (February/March 2021), We Gallery signed a collaboration contract with the Dubai Art World Exhibition 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The exhibition was titled “Iranian Artists Group” and featured 40 paintings and 5 sculptures by 35 artists.
  • In Bahman month of 1400 (January/February 2022), the “Tree of Life” event was held in two galleries of the We Gallery collection. This exhibition showcased 100 paintings, photographs, photo art, and sculptures in the two galleries.
  • For the second time, in Esfand month of1400 (February/March 2022), We Gallery participated in the Dubai Art World International Event 2022 by signing a participation contract. It showcased 50 paintings and 2 sculptures.
  • In Aban month of 1401 (October/November 2022), after receiving temporary permission from the Cultural and Guidance Administration, We Gallery participated and attended the PADOVA 2022 art event in Italy, along with its artists, under an official contract with the organizing company of international modern and contemporary art events in Italy. During the exhibition, We Gallery established good connections with many audiences, including critics in the visual arts field.
  • After the conducted negotiations, the board members of the We Gallery Art Institute (Visa Negar Sarzamin Honar) were motivated to have an annual presence of WE GALLERY in international events in Italy.
  • In November 2023, after signing an official contract with the company that organizes the international events of modern and contemporary art in Italy, he has participated and attended the artistic event of Padua 2023 in the international exhibition center of this city, as well as some of the participating artists. were able to attend this event, which had a good reflection on the field of visual arts for Iranian artists.
  • During the meetings held at the We Gallery Art Institute’s office, the board members and artists who participated in international events through WE GALLERY decided that the We Gallery Art Institute would be able to have its presence in the international modern and contemporary art event in Italy every year, such as the PADOVA 2023 art event and the Genoa 2024 art event. This not only allows Iranian artists to participate in important events but also enhances the qualitative and conceptual level of Iranian artists’ works in interaction with other artists at the international level, which in turn provides a platform for cultural and artistic collaborations of this nature.
  • In February 2024, the presence of We Gallery along with its participating artists in the modern and contemporary art event of Genoa in two booths was met with great reception and received good feedback. The visit and presence of Italian critics and journalists along with the director of NEF Dr. Rossi from stand 161 belonging to We Gallery was a good thing that happened in this event. The works of participation in this event included paintings and sculptures along with installations.